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Engagement rings and jewelry of vintage style

Jewelry and vintage rings from a vintage period have been back in fashion for several years. More than just a trend, the elegance of this jewellery is appealing to more and more couples who love beautiful luxury rings, as vintage rings can be used as wedding rings or original engagement rings. The return of vintage engagement rings has many advantages, such as the originality of the models, but also the quality of these rings that have crossed the ages to join the jewelers’ cases in Paris. Our shop is specialised in this field and makes it a point of honour to select models of vintage engagement rings and wedding rings. Our selection of antique jewellery covers most of the trends, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, including the Tank and more contemporary periods. Antique and vintage engagement rings and wedding bands are therefore at the heart of our proposals.

Vintage engagement ring Fratelli Bottazzi

Art deco style and vintage rings 

Art Deco vintage rings are very popular and are coming back into fashion, either as wedding rings or as original engagement rings. Indeed, Art Deco rings are beautiful jewellery, characterised by the use of white materials such as white gold or platinum, but also precious stones that are very popular for these occasions, such as diamonds. This precious stone symbolises marriage, augurs the longevity of love and materialises the bond between two people. Art Deco rings are antique and precious jewels that are also distinguished by the use of coloured precious and semi-precious stones, from ruby to sapphire, via emerald but also citrine, lapis lazuli, onyx or jade… These precious rings are therefore distinguished by their originality, charm and authenticity.

Art deco rings ancient style

Victorian and vintage rings

Victorian vintage rings from the 19th century epitomise the ‘Belle Époque’, the lighter period following the 1870s wars. Thanks to the colonial vitality of the time, trade was booming, promoting the trade in precious stones and fine materials. This was a major period in European jewellery, specially in France, Spain and in the United Kingdom which saw the development of new ring designs such as the cameo ring, the daisy ring, the diamond ring, etc. Materials such as mother-of-pearl, enamel and glass were used, blossoming in fine colours and curves inspired by Japanese or symbolic art.

Victorian style rings

Vintage jewelry and rings of ancient era

Vintage and antique jewelry are very popular with customers who like original jewels. They make excellent engagement rings, trendy, fashionable and very original as vintage and antique rings are often unique. They also can be truly beautiful necklaces, brooches cuff bracelets. You can choose from a wide range of designs, materials and colours to suit your taste and personality. Moreover, vintage and ancient jewels make beautiful gifts that will perfectly adorn any evening outfit.

Luxury jewels and ancients

Vintage rings with antique cut diamonds

Vintage jewelry and rings with diamonds, although they have common characteristics, are all unique. They can be of different colours, although white diamonds are the most popular. The quality of diamonds is measured according to the “4C” rule: “Carat, Cut, Colour, Clarity”. The price and value of the diamond is therefore essentially determined by these “4C’s”. Diamonds are a precious stone that can be cut in different ways according to individual taste. The round diamond cut is the best known, and is the work of the diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky, who introduced this shape in 1919 to enhance the brilliance of the diamond. Around 1930, the “half-cut” diamond is a must, it is a transitional cut towards the modern diamond cut. Finally, different shapes and sizes of diamonds are added to the famous round diamond.

Vintage cut diamonds jewels

Great brand and luxury watches

The largest luxury watch brands are now dominated by one country, Switzerland, which produces the most famous watches. Four major groups share the market. First there is the Rolex group, then the Swatch group, which owns the Omega and Tissot brands. Then there is the Richemont group, which owns Cartier and Vacheron Constantin, and finally LVMH, which owns the brands Hublot and Jaeger-LeCoultre, for example. Rolex is certainly the most well-known brand to the general public, with the famous Oyster Perpetual, GMT Master, Submariner, Datejust… All luxury watch brands are generally excellent watches that can be preserved over time. Each watch company has its favourite models, which are highly sought after on the second-hand market. Examples are the Royal Oak by Audermars Piguet, the Tank or Panthère watches by Cartier, the Calatrava by Patek Philippe or the Overseas by Vacheron Constantin.


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-New arrivals Bottazzi Blondeel-

Discover all of our latest arrivals of vintage jewelry with the highest quality precious and fine stones…

-New arrivals Bottazzi Blondeel

Discover all of our latest arrivals of vintage jewellery with the highest quality precious and fine stones…

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